Golf swing Type

1. Tee shot 

is the first blow from the teeing ground. Tee shot is usually done using the driver ( eg 1- wood) for a long hole or iron on shorter holes.

2. Fairway shot 
Golf club iron or wedge type commonly used for this blow.

3. Bunker Shot 
The blow is done when the ball landed on top of the bunker. This blows usually use sand wedge.

4. Punch or knockdown

Is a low blow done to avoid a tree branch or a strong wind on top.

5. Putting 

Is a blow that carried on the green and use a putter and for most golfers is the hardest blow.

6.  Approach shot       

is committed to punch the ball closer to the green. The blow is usually done on a medium or close range. This type of approach shot consists of three types:

a. Pitch
is the approach shot that flew the ball to the green or near green. Pitch shot is often done by using a 6 iron to lob wedge.

b. Flop
    is the approach shot higher again and stopped shortly after hitting the ground. The blow is done when the player must face obstacles to reach the green. Flop is often done by using a golf club sand wedge or lob wedge.

c. Chip
          is a low approach shot when the ball flew low and then rolling leads to the green

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