Find your coach, get a better golf swing

In the world of sports, including golf, at least in it there are two main roles in each exercise, the trainer and the trainee ( athlete ). The main requirements that must be owned by a golf coach, but he must master the sport of golf, he must have a certificate in sports coaching is. so the science of coaching is not only theoretically, but also he can play golf well.

In the book " Psychology of coaching ", Thomas A. Tutko and Jack W. Richards (1971), divides the type of coach into five categories namely; Authoritarion coach, Nice - guy Coach, Business coach, Intense or driven coaches coach and Easy going. The fifth type has advantages and disadvantages of each. Therefore, a coach is always trying to workout ways to child care to find the most effective way to boost achievement, in many cases are not uncommon practice methods overlap with each other. But even so, one thing is certain is that a coach wants his team to be the best, that a golfer who can perform the perfect golf swing.

So that you can choose a golf training that suits your dreams to become someone who can perform the perfect golf swing, following the fifth type is described along with advantages and disadvantages of each, so you have a picture, a golf coach who has a type of what is appropriate for you.

1. Authoritarion coach type

    a.  Characteristics
  •  Harsh discipline
  • Sticking to the rules
  • Rigid in the implementation of training programs
  • Sometimes being rude and often chided
  • Lack of friendly and keep a distance with students
  • Having an effective program plan
  • Always have a prejudice
  • Prefer an assistant coach of the weak
  • In the target system to motivate the athletes wear

    b.   Advantages: Kids students have high discipline, aggressive, confident, courageous,
          organized, morale and physical condition that is always awake

    c.   Disadvantages: Not willing to accept the failure of foster children, if there is a failure
          blaming each other, and for athletes who are sensitive are usually not strong receiving 
          treatment hard and finally resigned, preferably not foster children.

2. Nice - guy coach type
    This type of coach is in contrast with the type authoritarion.

    a. Characteristics
  • Having a good personal and memorable
  • Flexible, open and intimate with foster children
  • Taking into account the welfare of athletes
  • Providing motivation positive outlook
  • Always try not to criticize
  • Do not hesitate to give the award if athletes succeed.
  • Implementation of the training program is made very flexible

     b. Advantages : the formation of a cohesive team, rileksa and perform according to
         expectations and if you develop problems of athletes will be more easily handled.

     c. Disadvantages : Always hesitant in taking decisions and blame themselves if the foster
         children fail.

3. Intense or coach driven type
   This type of trainer has many similarities with the type of coach authotarion, its similarity in  
    terms of discipline, capability and agesifitasnya. While the difference in terms of emotion 
    and   always stay calm.

    a. Characteristics:
  • Never be satisfied with the results of foster children
  • Like it dramatizes the situation
  • Spending time on matters relating to coaching
  • Have analytical skills against opponents who will face
  • To motivate his team by example ourselves

    b. Advantages : Child custody in a state students are always ready to compete and always
    stand on coaches instruction.

    c. Disadvantages : athletes feel afraid because they feel much required, especially for 
        special  athletes. Do not want to understand that the athletes also experience boredom. It 
       is  considered lazy, athletes feel ashamed because coaches often act emotionally at the 
         time of the match.


4.  Easy going coach  
     Coach was performed with no load and assume the game is something that is interesting 
     and he enjoyed it.
     a. Characteristics:
  •  Less serious athletes and are always relaxed handling
  •  Do not have a regular exercise program 
  •  Not easy to panic and be able to control emotions well
     b. Advantages: athletes feel less tense, memorable advice to be implemented.

    c. Disadvantages: athletes tend to blame the coach if it fails, the physical condition of
        athletes go up and down, foster children tend to feel overlooked.

5. Business coach type

     a. Characteristics
  • The approach to the sport very well -planned
  • Know the details concerning the achievements of athletes based on logic
  • Having a high intelligence level, making it easy to bring foster children to achiev achievement diiinginkan
  • Have the ability to objectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses opponent
  • Pragmatic and diligent in seeking new methods to increase achievements of foster     children

      b. Advantages: have a strategy for success so as to encourage foster children have a
          sense of  believe in yourself a strong
      c    Disadvantages: athletes may feel loss of identity and individuality as almost all the
          details he has analyzed.

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