The Ultimate Golf Swing Transition Drill

In this golf swing transition drill you'll learn a way to successfully complete a downswing using the left knee. Working the knee to carry your entire body through the downswing is key to having both the perfect line and greater power on your golf shots.

To help get the accuracy, as well as obtain strength behind your swing action, it's fundamental you transfer your weight onto your left side (right side for lefties) in your transition (the time in which you change from the backswing into the downswing).

The shifting of the left knee in the downswing will move the arc in the swing plane forward and really helps to strike down into the golf ball, which therefore creates much more length both in your drives as well as your iron shots. One can perfect this weight transference any time you start your downswing well.

How you Will Start the Downswing

The transition from the golf backswing into the downswing is the main phase of the golf swing sequence. Get this wrong and chances are you will ruin your entire swing. This transitional phase of the swing tends to be that crucial; many training videos, articles, and courses are already developed to tackle the movement. You'll have noticed many of the techniques, such as starting the downswing aided by the arms or the hips as numerous PGA professionals recommend. However, starting with the left knee is amongst the more common techniques in the golf swing transition. Below is a transition drill designed to allow you to begin your golf swing correctly.

The way the Pro's Do Things

For the majority of golfers you will note a momentary pause at the moment between your backswing and downswing as the golf swing changes direction. From this pause, many people propose that focusing on pushing through the left knee just might be the very best answer. When you observe a professional golfer on video, you'll see precisely how his/her left knee comes away from the right knee as his or her weight actually starts to move forward. To really get a superior feel for this particular primary movement in the transition for the golf swing, adhere to this well known drill.

The Golf Swing Transition Drill

In order to better understand just how you progress your left knee during this phase, enter into your routine golfing stance (golf iron in hand), grab a hold of a football (soccer) and place this in between both your knees. Next experiment with a handful of practice swings and concentrate on gripping the football jointly with your knees through the entire backswing. Next at the beginning of the downswing drive your left knee to your intended target superseded after that by the rest of your body. That will form the space in between the knees and then the soccer ball ought fall to the floor.

This action (otherwise known as the golf swing lag) enables the lower element of your body to begin the downswing, which generally generates additional power and also sets your club on the best golf swing plane.

This could feel unfamiliar at first but keep practicing this transition drill before you have perfected it. When you feel comfortable then you should begin to whack a few golf balls without the aid from the football. Start out with your smaller golf irons, preferably a seven. When you get the confidence using this it is possible to proceed onto whichever club you want.

Practising this specific portion of the swing really will get you striking further and way more frequently.

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